Most programs work short term (like diets) but not long term.  We help clients get past the short term and learn to implement a healthier lifestyle permanently.  We use the best in behaviour science to ensure these changes are long-term, which means combining science with education and motivation.  We are trained by some top psychology professors in Chicago to ensure we truly become experts in our clients so that we can better help them make significant changes in habits, attitudes, goals, and self-awareness.  You'll know if the GH Method is right for you by experiencing for free, so sign up for your free session and don't take our word for it...take yours!  learnmore



We explain the science of fitness, food and behavior change so our clients understand what is behind their customized program and can evaluate the impact.  Each client goes through a series of assessments that are used to develop a customized training program and then to evaluate progress.  All clients experience the GH "Levels" which begin with Level 0 and follow a tested path and curriculum to improve clients' physical health through personal training, as well as coaching clients to improve their food and lifestyle.



We focus on achieving measureable and sustainable outcomes while being very honest with our clients about their goals and what actions they need to take to achieve those goals.  We do not train people for fun or to get a sweat, we train people to change their bodies and, when appropriate, their nutrition/lifestyle as well.  We often encourage clients to get full checkups done with their primary doctor when they begin, so that they can see as much data as possible on the physical changes they experience.


GH Will Add To Your Energy

We believe the most precious commodity clients bring to us is their energy. That's why we only train clients TWICE PER WEEK and we make sure that each minute in our facility is used to have maximum impact on body and behavior. We focus on increasing the "life tissue" in our clients, which means improving muscle tone and muscle mass. Improved muscle tone or life tissue actually improves your ENERGY everyday, and clients typically begin to feel the impact of this improvement in 4 - 6 weeks. Improved life tissue means better metabolism, immunity, functional capability, blood pressure, sleeping, and mental health. We have a series of assessments that focus on finding the perfect training intensity to ensure every ounce of energy you give results in lasting body composition changes. The key is to workout smarter, not necessarily harder.

We Care

It sounds easy, but building a team of talented fitness professionals that truly care about helping others is one of our key missions. For GH to be successful changing lives, we must become experts in our clients bodies, lifestyles, and psychology. This requires tenacity, patience, unbelievable listening skills, empathy, and enormous preparation for each and every session. We are motivated by improving health and life outcomes, and our clients trust us because they experience GH caring everyday. We do EVERYTHING (train twice per week, eat well, live balanced lives) that we advise our clients to do, so we know how hard it is to make changes firsthand. That helps us help clients better.  Click here and take the GH Method for a test drive with one of our talented coaches.

Our Team Is Different

We do not recruit average personal trainers, we recruit experienced and successful coaches and talented professionals who are driven by their passion for helping others.  Our most recent team member left her role as the Associate Head Coach at Berkeley University for the women's soccer program to join GH, our second most recent team member was a college basketball star with a masters in mental health counseling and an assistant coach at Pace University, and our third most recent hire was formerly the head athletic trainer for the Women's NBA team in Chicago and the associate trainer for the Bulls.  Our amazing team and culture of caring are at the core of GH.