So Much Has Happened, We Forgot to Blog About It!

We’ve been so busy at GH growing our team (welcome Kelly and Tiffany), growing our relationships with the community, growing the GH Method, and watching some of our kids grow (the next generation of GH Coaches are starting to walk already)….that we forgot to blog about it!

So here we are back again in the blogging world. We’ve gotten out a lot recently into the real world by featuring GH coaches at events like Chicago Style’s night of Modern Beauty, the Chicago Triathlon where we shared a tent with the Triathlon training company TogetherWeTri, the Ol Phun 5K run in Glenview, and several more. We love getting out into the community and really helping people understand the power of the GH Method by doing the GH Challenge …. which is where people do one exercise with a GH Coach in an attempt to make “3 Lbs Heavier Than 6 lbs.” The response to this mini-coaching has been remarkable as we have found people really appreciate FEELING the difference between using their energy wisely. The more someone has worked out and especially if they have had a personal trainer, the more they GET THE FEELING of working out wisely. Thanks Kelly Lindsey, Nick Rubel, Tiffany Martin, Peter Hahaj, and Edyta Bujalska who have joined us at some of these events!

We continue to recruit NCAA college coaches into GH and have a few exciting new team members that we are looking forward to introducing to our clients later in 2011. Over the past two years, we have worked very hard to perfect the training and preparation coursework for new coaches who are joining GH and the program is intensive, effective, and helps our coaches really launch themselves into the GH journey so they can help lead GH clients through the journey themselves. Each and every one of our GH Coaches experiences the GH Method on themselves and uses that experience to help make them a better coach, a better person, and a better guide to others on their own path towards improved health and wellness with only two hours per week in the gym.

We continue to do so much more than most people expect from personal trainers in Chicago and around the country. We are passionate about changing lives one-by-one and look forward to continuing to tell the stories of our coaches, our clients, and our growth! As always, read more by going to

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