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The GH Team Keeps Growing With TWO More Talented Coaches

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

At GH we are committed to hiring the BEST college coaches who are ready to move past the traveling and win/loss focus of college coaching and instead help transform people’s lives in a one-on-one environment.  We recruit coaches with the job title “COACH REAL PEOPLE OFF THE FIELD” and we are thrilled to formally announce the addition of two very experienced and successful coaches to the team team.  Welcome Erin Ekeberg and Dan Zierfuss! Erin will be working in our Glenview facility, while Dan has joined Bucktown.

A Little about Erin:
Most recently, Assistant Head Coach at Northwestern University where she was also a rock star college player. Erin not only is a talented coach, she is a big mind and we are thrilled to have her talent on the team. Erin graduated cum laude from Northwestern and also cum laude from Georgetown Law. Fortunately for Northwestern and GH, Erin decided her passion was to help people in a one-on-one environment, went back to coaching after working in law, and is now dedicated to helping GH clients! You can read more about Erin on our website:,erin-ekeberg.html

A Little More About Dan:

Dan has been a college coach for more than 6 years, ranging from Football to Track to Cross Country.  Most recently, he was Head Coach of Track and Cross Country at Knox College rising to the position of head coach after demonstrating his leadership and success as a talented leader.  Dan was a leader all the way back to his days at Beloit College where he had the rare honor of being the team captain for BOTH the Football and Track and Field teams.  We are thrilled to have Dan’s huge heart and strength (after all, he is a former Discus and Shotput Competitor) on our Bucktown team.  Read more about Dan here:,dan-zierfuss.html